Led by a vision of a stronger, more vibrant community, a group of business leaders joined forces in 1993 to form the Allen County Visionaries – a non-profit corporation organized under Section 1702 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The Visionaries are managed by executive officers elected by the Board of Trustees, and are dedicated to supporting the efforts of the Allen Economic Development Group. 
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The objective of the Visionaries is to stimulate the creation of jobs and economic prosperity through a highly-focused, accountable, and integrated delivery system. Currently, the Visionaries group is composed of more than 100 members, all of which share a passion for improving the economic health of our great community.


The purpose of the Visionaries:

    To promote and stimulate economic growth and development in the Allen County region through participation in all matters of business and professional interest to the community working with members of the public and private sectors. To do all things necessary and incidental to carrying out of such purposes.


Members and Officers:

Mike Swick
President (V10, 5/18)

Paul Crow
Vice President (V5, 5/17)

David Frost
Secretary (V2, 5/18)

Steve Johnson
Treasurer (V1, 5/18)

Troy Breidenbach
(V2, 5/17)

Greg Allen
(V3, 5/18)

Barry Clark
(V10, 5/18)

Clay Balyeat
(V1, 5/17)

Don Klausing
(V1, 5/18)

Bob Baxter
(V10, 5/18)

Jerome O’Neal
(V2, 5/17)

Bev Cowan Sweeney
(V1, 5/17)

Kevin Creamer
(V2, 5/17)

Sam Halker
(V3, 5/18)