D'arcy Fund

D’Arcy Loan Fund

D'Arcy Revolving Loan Fund is available for businesses.
D’Arcy Revolving Loan Fund

The D’Arcy Loan Fund supplies Allen County businesses with gap financing needed to expand their business. The fund provides low-interest loans to businesses and individuals that meet funding guidelines. The goal of the fund is to contribute to the economic growth of Allen County.

The D’Arcy Fund works in partnership with area lenders – all who are dedicated to creating jobs and capital investments in Allen County.  Proceeds from the fund are used to build the loan portfolio for additional lending in the county.  The D’Arcy Loan Fund is administered by the Allen Economic Development Group Board of Trustees and loan amounts are subject to the availability of funds.

Preference is given to companies that create jobs, however, any viable business plan will be considered. If you are a small business owner and have an interest in the D’Arcy Fund, contact Dave Stratton at the Allen Economic Development Group office or fill out the D’Arcy Fund Application.  

“We have chosen to use resources such as the D’Arcy Loan program to assist us in the expansion of our business. As we look to grow our business we have found this program to be a helpful benefit. We encourage other businesses to consider utilizing the D’Arcy program and working with the Allen Economic Development Group.”

John Heaphy of Happy Daz, Beer Barrel & Old City Prime

“The D’Arcy Fund has provided the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center (OEAMC) the opportunity to bring millions of dollars in state and federal grants to Lima / Allen County. Most government grant programs are reimbursable, meaning we have to spend the money first – and get reimbursed later for the money spent. As a non-profit R&D Center, we don’t always have the cash flow to purchase equipment and then wait 30-60 days to be reimbursed. Without the assistance of the D’Arcy Fund, the OEAMC would not be enjoying the successes it has experienced since its inception.”  

Judith M. Cowan, President & CEO of OEAMC

“The D’Arcy Loan program has been a valuable aid in the growth of our business. This program is an asset to our community and worthy of consideration for other businesses as well. We recommend contacting AEDG to better understand how businesses might meet their business development needs.”

Matt Childers of Childers Media Group


History of the D’Arcy Fund

The D’Arcy Fund was established in August 1997 by BP with a $1 million donation. The fund was originally established by BP to affirm its commitment to the Lima community and its dedication to the creation of long-term growth in employment opportunities for Allen County. Since its inception, more than 30 area businesses have relied on the D’Arcy Fund for “gap” financing.

For more information, contact the AEDG Staff.