Allen County is a business-friendly community offering a strategic location, attractive incentives, low operating costs and available workforce.

Allen County is within 600 miles (966 kilometers) of:

  • 61% of the US population
  • 72% of the US purchasing power
  • 70% of North American manufacturing
  • 80% of corporate headquarters

Recognizing the increasing demands of the global marketplace, Allen County offers a world-class business park customized to meet the needs of both international and domestic companies. The 350-acre park offers companies a number of competitive advantages including a 135-acre I-75 fronted Foreign Trade Zone and a 267 acre I-75 and US 65 fronted Industrial Park.  

Data/ Fiber Optic Corridor
Location matters, but the logistics are just as important. Not only is Lima/Allen County located near some of the largest highways, we also have access to one of the largest fiber optical networks. Lima/Allen County sits perfectly along Ohio’s fiber optic corridors, providing area businesses and neighborhoods access to high speed Internet that’s up to 200 times faster the national average.

High-speed Internet allows businesses to complete transactions and processes without the hassle of upload delays, and unnecessary downtime. Manufacturing equipment and machinery have started to integrate various digital functionalities to adapt to emerging technology. So an advanced fiber optic network allows companies to operate state-of-the-art equipment without the frustration of slow speeds.

Fiber-optic lines use powerful lasers transmit billions of bits per second, to send pulses of light that are converted into digital information that computers can read. Fiber systems are prized by businesses that deal in massive amounts of data. Access to this amazing resource further enhances the already advanced infrastructure of Lima/Allen County.

Transportation Corridors
I-75 is important for long-distance state and national travel, as well as being a major thoroughfare for local and regional mobility. I‑75 connects Lima with Toledo and Detroit to the north, and Cincinnati, Atlanta and Miami to the south. I‑75 within Ohio, and the railroads that run parallel to it, are among the nation’s busiest for the movement of people and goods.

According to Federal Highway Administration’s estimates, I‑75 is among the busiest trucking routes in North America, with truck traffic approaching six billion miles annually. More than 250 freight trains per day pass through or have destinations within Ohio’s I‑75 corridor (ODOT, 2004).

The US 30 Region is also well situated within the national market. Located along a limited‐access freeway (US Route 30) and crossed by two interstates (I‐71 and I‐75), the Region is within easy reach (500 miles or a day’s drive) of major population centers such as New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Charlotte, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. It is equally accessible to major east coast, great lakes, and Ohio River ports.

In addition to I-75 (north/south) and US 30 (east/west), Allen County is served by five (5) major state routes: 309, 117, 81, 65 and 66. Both LTL and TL overnight services are provided by major freight companies with several Allen County based carriers providing “just-in-time” movement of production support materials and delivery to customers. (ODOT, 2004)  

Rail Accessibility
Rail freight service is provided by CSX, Norfolk Southern, Indiana & Ohio-Chicago, Chicago, Ft. Wayne and Eastern (both Genesee & Wyoming subsidaries) and R.J. Corman. These combined Class I, Regional, and short-line services create unique, short and long-haul transportation options for local businesses. Development sites with rail access are available in several parts of the county.  

Airport Accessibility
Allen County is served by a regional airport. The Allen County Airport has a fixed base operator, a 5,149 foot lighted runway, Instrument Landing System (ILS), and jet fuel and maintenance service for all types of aircraft. The airport is capable of accommodating aircraft up to the size of a 727 or DC9. Commercial air service is available at Dayton International, Port Columbus and Toledo Express.