Lima's water treatment facility

Water Infrastructure

Water is a key driver of sustainable economic growth and development, and a critical element of many industrial processes. The water infrastructure in Lima/Allen County is second to none – this is one of many reasons why our community is a prime location for manufacturing facilities.

With more than 15 million gallons of water processed daily, and five reservoirs – our water system is easily accessible, and regulated. Access to quality water save industries time and money by minimizing the processing and purification processes.  

The region is served by two water systems which work closely together for the benefit of our community.

  • Allen Water District
    The Allen Water District is responsible for fresh and waste water infrastructure within the 12 township of Allen County through an agreement with the County Commissioners.

  • City of Lima Water Department
    Processing an average of 16 million gallons of water per day, the City of Lima Water Department and associated waste water treatment facility are key components to our regions water needs.

About Our Water

5 Above Ground Reservoirs

Lima is home to five above ground reservoirs that supply raw water to The Lima Water Treatment Plant. Water from two area rivers supply the reservoirs, which collectively house more than 14 billion gallons of water.

  • Bresler Lake Reservoir – Auglaize River
  • Williams Reservoir – Auglaize River
  • Ferguson – Ottawa River
  • Metzger Lake – Ottawa River
  • Lost Creek – Ottawa River

Click here to read more about our reservoirs.

Auglaize River

Ottawa River (Auglaize River)

The Ottawa River, a tributary of the Auglaize River, is approximately 50 miles long. The Ottawa and Auglaize Rivers supply more than 14 billion gallons of water to five above ground reservoirs in Lima, Ohio. The river flows northwest, then west-southwest through Lima, and eventually joins the Auglaize in Kalida (Putnam County).