What role does AEDG play in the community?

The Role of AEDGAllen County Ohio is supported by the Allen Economic Development Group

Allen Economic Development Group (AEDG) was formed in 1993 as a way to spur economic growth throughout Allen County, Ohio. For more than a decade, AEDG has contributed to the success of our local economy and created a strong community foundation.

Economic development is heavily dependent on many factors. In order to attract the attention of businesses, a community needs to emphasize their strengths and demonstrate a quality of life that stands out from their competition.

This is where AEDG comes in …


Community and economic vitality relies heavily on the quality of community leaders and their ability to collaborate and interact with one another. A strong network of community leaders has a significant impact on the success of the community.

Business Retention & Expansion

Businesses take many factors into consideration when selecting a new site for operations, everything from good places to live and conduct business to quality schools and overall infrastructure. AEDG works globally to leverage the quality of life, robust education opportunities, skilled workforce and local resources available in Lima/Allen County to attract new businesses and support existing business operations in the region.


When going through the site selection process, one of the first things businesses look at is workforce. Is the region conducive to a trained and skilled workforce? Does the region provide access to education and training opportunities that build a strong workforce? Without a talented pool of employees – businesses can’t operate. AEDG works with area schools and organizations like Ohio Means Jobs, to provide resources and programs to develop a skilled workforce for generations to come.

Those are only a few of the roles that AEDG plays in the community. To learn more about our organization, contact our staff or drop us a line. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.