Allen Economic Development Group

Year In Review


Lima/Allen County is within a day’s drive of:

US Population
Corporate Headquarters
North American Manufacturing
US Purchasing Power


Lima/Allen County is located along Interstate 75 and U.S. 30, making interstate travel quick and easy.



Lima/Allen County is a manufacturing region.

We make things! From the Ford F-150 pickup to Tide laundry detergent and from mashed potatoes to jet fuel.

Lima is ranked third in the nation in manufacturing among cities with a population of 150,000 or less.

• Manufacturing per capita in Lima/Allen County – $43,687

• Lima has 108% more manufacturing jobs than the average city


It’s an exciting time to be in Lima/Allen County.

Downtown revitalization projects, community engagement, and industrial growth are happening throughout the area.
Available industrial land and buildings, planned housing development, and a tremendous collaborative
spirit among local and state partners ensure continued growth.