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Volunteers for Focus Group

Allen Economic Development Group is searching for volunteers to participate in one of the six focus groups they are conducting to evaluate shifts in population and gather insight to help transform the region in the future. Focus groups will be held daily from Sept. 19 to Sept. 23 in Lima.

Focus Group Topics:

  • Examining external trends and internal research impacting local communities.
  • Mapping out how individuals currently connect within the region.
  • Exploring challenges and opportunities impacting individuals and the region.
  • Determining next steps and action items to position the region for future growth.

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Lima is a Leading Location

In a recent study conducted by Area Development, Lima, Ohio was listed as one of the hottest places in America for new and expanding businesses. For the sixth year, Area Development has developed a list of Leading Locations derived from data collected during examination. Their multi-faceted approach collects a wide-variety of data, and generates rankings in four vital areas – Prime Workforce, Economic Strength, Year-Over-Year Growth and Five-Year Growth.

Out of the 394 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) reviewed, Lima ranked as 33rd on the list of Leading Locations. Economic growth is a key driver for rankings. You may notice that some of the locations that may have been high on last year’s list have fell a bit. This isn’t necessarily indicative of economic disaster, however it does indicate that economic growth has slowed since last year’s tally.

Click here to read the full article and see the entire list of Leading Locations. To learn more about AEDG, contact the AEDG staff or drop us a line. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Economic Development Update

Local leaders and stakeholders gathered on Wednesday, August 10 for an Economic Update meeting. The purpose of the gathering was to inform community leaders and the business community on events, primarily related to workforce development.

During the conference, Joe Patton from Ohio Means Jobs – Allen County addressed the crowd regarding workforce status and issues. Patton told the group that approximately 195 people have secured permanent jobs through the Ohio Means Jobs program. OMJ began through the help of grant money for the first two years and is now self-sustaining.

Patton also said that OMJ will be doubling their team of case managers, going from three to six. The case managers act as liaison for job seekers during their search for viable employment. There are currently more than 1,000 jobs available in the Lima area, each ranging from entry level to management. Some with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $80,000.

“There are companies looking to expand and to do so the workforce is a big part of that,” said Jeff Sprague, president and CEO of AEDG. “We have been working with Ohio Means Jobs and Joe Patton to really help companies identify good job candidates and work them through a process to eliminate some of the variables and get good people in the right job at the right time.”

Other topics discussed during the meeting include the upcoming MakerFest event, scheduled for October 20. MakerFest engages community members and showcases the products and services produced by local companies.

Ohio Means Jobs also discussed their latest initiative that focuses on promoting the appeal of local jobs to high school students. Through this program, numerous students from schools across the county have toured local factories and businesses to witness daily operations firsthand. A special focus is placed on high school students not planning to attend college, with the goal of helping those students line up local jobs upon graduation. Employers want to hire local people with deep community roots.

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Lima News Article

The Role of AEDGAllen County Ohio is supported by the Allen Economic Development Group

Allen Economic Development Group (AEDG) was formed in 1993 as a way to spur economic growth throughout Allen County, Ohio. For more than a decade, AEDG has contributed to the success of our local economy and created a strong community foundation.

Economic development is heavily dependent on many factors. In order to attract the attention of businesses, a community needs to emphasize their strengths and demonstrate a quality of life that stands out from their competition.

This is where AEDG comes in …


Community and economic vitality relies heavily on the quality of community leaders and their ability to collaborate and interact with one another. A strong network of community leaders has a significant impact on the success of the community.

Business Retention & Expansion

Businesses take many factors into consideration when selecting a new site for operations, everything from good places to live and conduct business to quality schools and overall infrastructure. AEDG works globally to leverage the quality of life, robust education opportunities, skilled workforce and local resources available in Lima/Allen County to attract new businesses and support existing business operations in the region.


When going through the site selection process, one of the first things businesses look at is workforce. Is the region conducive to a trained and skilled workforce? Does the region provide access to education and training opportunities that build a strong workforce? Without a talented pool of employees – businesses can’t operate. AEDG works with area schools and organizations like Ohio Means Jobs, to provide resources and programs to develop a skilled workforce for generations to come.

Those are only a few of the roles that AEDG plays in the community. To learn more about our organization, contact our staff or drop us a line. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.