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Phase II of Economic & Workforce Development in Lima / Allen County

The second phase of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment Workforce Development grant is officially underway. On Tuesday, May 17, stakeholders gathered in the City Club to review Phase 1 and discuss the action plan for Phase 2. Dave Beurle, CEO of Future IQ Partners, presented some of the issues that were identified in Phase 1 and an overview of the action plan to resolve those issues.

Each initiative in Phase 2 will be rolled out over the course of two years. During which time, Future IQ Partners will work closely with the Allen Economic Development team and other stakeholders. Lima/Allen County was awarded a two-year grant for $3 million in September 2015 from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment. The goal is to utilize the funding to implement initiative that will make the regional economy viable over the long term. The focal points of Phase 2 include cultivating local and regional collaborative growth, expanding industry innovation and entrepreneurship and developing a communication and social media plan to help market the region with one voice.

“In Phase I, we identified two key elements: workforce and innovation. So we applied for  additional funding, and the Office of Economic Adjustment agreed to fund us for Phase II,” said Jeff Sprague, CEO of Allen Economic Development Group. “On the innovation side, the Ohio Energy Advanced Manufacturing Center on South Main Street has been doing a lot of work to develop that area. We’re really looking at the work they’ve been doing and how it will play out for the development of future products. The workforce piece really ties in to the work that has been done over the last 18 to 24 months with Link Lima. The timeline for Phase II is a 24-month process, and we’re right in the beginning, so we’re probably going to take another 18 months.”

Click here to read the Lima News Article, written by Craig Kelly.

AEDG Goes Social

LIMA, OH – Allen Economic Development Group (AEDG) recently increased their activity on a variety of social media channels. For quick updates, and pictures, click the links below and follow, like or connect with us!
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Rep. Jim Jordan Visits Lima/Allen County

State Representative Jim Jordan visited Lima Pallet Company on Friday, April 22 to announce a new bill designed to encourage unemployed adults on assistance, to enter the workforce.

Click here to read the Lima News article, written by Craig Kelly.

Pictured from left, Jed Metzger, CEO of the Lima-Allen County Chamber of Commerce; Jeff Sprague, CEO of the Allen Economic Development Group; Joe Patton, Workforce Development Administrator for Ohio Means Jobs-Allen County; and Tracie Sanchez, owner of Lima Pallet. Photo: The Lima News
Pictured from left, Jed Metzger, CEO of the Lima-Allen County Chamber of Commerce; Jeff Sprague, CEO of the Allen Economic Development Group; Joe Patton, Workforce Development Administrator for Ohio Means Jobs-Allen County; and Tracie Sanchez, owner of Lima Pallet. Photo: The Lima News

Lima Ranks 6th in the Nation

Site Selector magazine recently announced that Lima is in a tie for sixth place in the nation for development projects. Lima is among other small metropolitan areas, with 10 development projects attracted in 2015. In 2014, Lima was ranked 24th.

“It’s a good indication of the strength and diversity of our economy,” according to Jeff Sprague, President & CEO of  Allen Economic Development Group. “As you look at the projects we work on and the scope of those projects, you have local companies investing and reinvesting in our community, and then you also have global companies located here investing in our economy.”

Retail, residential and government projects do not qualify. Qualifying projects must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Capital investment of at least $1 million
  • Create at least 20 new jobs
  • Add at least 20,000 square feet of space (either in a standalone building or an addition)

Examples of such projects include expansions at Bluffton’s Diamond Manufacturing, Delphos’ K&M Tire and Nelson Packaging in Bath Township, the last project adding 140 new jobs. Click here to read the entire Lima News article.

New European Economy Highlights Lima/Allen County

Map - AEDGNew European Economya quarterly publication, recently highlighted Lima/Allen County in an article that perfectly captured the strength and resources of our community. Excerpt from the article:

Lima, Ohio’s heritage has been a center for manufacturing with a dynamic workforce, excellent quality of life, transportation access and a pro-business climate. Home to strong global companies, distinctive attractions, unique local eateries, cultural activities and so much more make for great site location. Situated in Northwest Ohio at the crossroads of Interstate 75 and U.S. 30.

Click here to read the full article. New European Econony provides coverage of strategic commercial management decisions to 32 countries throughout Europe. New European Economy provides practical help and assistance to the CEO’s and CFO’s of mid-market and enterprise sized companies involved in international trade and who are positioned for high levels of growth.  

Gateway Commerce is Certified and Shovel Ready

LIMA, OH – Allen Economic Development Group (AEDG) was recently recognized as a leader in Northwest Ohio in the food/beverage industry. During a certification celebration held on November 2, 2015, AEDG received certification for the 53-acre site in Allen County as shovel ready for the food processing and beverage sector. The site is located in the Gateway Commerce Industrial Park off State Route 65. Officials said the site met the stringent criteria and variables required by food and beverage processors seeking sites for new plants. Prospective businesses can view available sites, financing and incentive information and demographic data on the AEDG website.

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Read the full article on the Regional Growth Partnership website.

Job fair and expo for Lima Allen County

AEDG Participated in County-wide Job Fair

LIMA, OH – Allen Economic Development Group (AEDG) participated in the first ever, MakerFest, a job fair and career expo focused on the next generation of employees. MakerFest was held at the Civic Center in late November, and more than 1,200 student attended the event. The goal of this innovative approach to a job fair was to attract students to manufacturing careers, and hopefully inspire them to pursue careers with local industries. About 40 employers participated in the event, and spoke with students about opportunities in different industries. There were competitions so students could try everything from welding to graphic design, and smaller “breakout sessions” were available to show students how different technologies are applied within their respective industries. The two-day event also featured two keynote speakers Friday — Keith Wandell, a Shawnee native and former head of Harley-Davidson, and Adrian Price, who was the plant manager at Ford’s Lima Engine Plant, and now works for Ford Global. Dates for MakerFest 2016 have already been established as October 20 – 22, 2016.  

AEDG Highlights Workforce Best Practices

Allen County forms collaborations between private companies, educational institutions, economic development groups and other agencies to tackle workforce development issues. Click here to read the full article on the Regional Growth Partnership website.